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Complete Human Acupuncture, Scarsdale, NY

Acupuncture Testimonials

Acupuncture Services in Scarsdale, NY and Surrounding Areas

"Jana's treatments are gentle, relaxing and on target for results. I experienced inflammation and pain reduction so I can function at a part time position. I highly recommend her sessions. "

Barbara Ann B.

"You cannot imagine how much that treatment helped my neck and head last week. I felt much better in many ways. That was a very stressful day. Can't thank you enough!"


"Such a good experience! I went to see Jana for back pain. She was friendly, professional and thorough. I found the clinic spotlessly clean, modern, well-lit, and easy to find. I can't remember seeing a medical professional who took such care and attention to understanding the root causes of my back pain and developing a treatment plan that treated the whole problem, not just the obvious symptoms. Highly recommended"

Anne S.

"...You truly changed my life for the better. I can feel the difference in my body since my treatments have stopped. The work you did on me greatly improved my health and quality of life. I did not feel the constant achiness, brain fog, headaches and joint pain I was previously experiencing. Your expertise and focus on specific areas of my body that I was having trouble with helped and promoted my well being. I always walked out happy and feeling a new lease on life. I now know that acupuncture is part of the puzzle that is my treatment for lupus SLE. Thank you for all you have done."

Leticia H.

"I have been having acupuncture treatments to help with my migrains and neck pain. I had been suffering on a daily basis with headaches. After my very first treatment I felt better, and I still currently go for maintenance to keep the headaches from coming back. The treatments have changed my life. I was so happy to not have to take medicine everyday and take a more holistic approch to stopping the headaches from starting, rather than having to take medication. Best decision I every made!"

Thomas & Gigi L.

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