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Updated: Jun 14

Complete Human Acupuncture Scarsdale

Did you know that humans first started practicing acupuncture in China about 3000 years ago? Since then, acupuncture, along with Chinese medicine, has continued to aid in transforming people’s lives. It can be viewed as a beneficial alternative to taking pills for both physical and emotional conditions. Complete Human Acupuncture in Scarsdale is one place in Westchester County where patients can naturally heal a variety of ailments. To learn more, we touched base with owner Jana Fine, who walks us through how acupuncture works and how she began practicing.

Fine explains her interest in studying Chinese medicine, noting, “I was looking for something that would treat the whole person and would approach the person as a whole, and not singular body parts.”

Through this process, she began learning more about acupuncture, which involves the insertion of small needles into certain pressure points of the body to stimulate the nervous system. This process sends signals to the brain, influencing the body to produce pain-killing hormones like endorphins to help physically and emotionally heal the body.

Chinese medicine can work as a complement to Western medicine, and Fine explains that it fills the gaps where Western medicine is not so sure how to assist. “The beauty is that it’s not working against the Western approach. It’s working on the same problem from a different angle,” she notes.

Acupuncture is an accumulative medicine that can either be used as an additional treatment or on its own. Patients who are struggling with pain management, fertility treatment, supporting immune functions, stress management, PTSD, withdrawal symptoms, or other ailments could possibly benefit from acupuncture.

“You might come in with a problem dealing with one body part, but we look at the whole body,” she says. As she explains it, everything in the body is connected and, to successfully treat one part of your body, you might need to treat three others. When a patient first meets with Fine to discuss their symptoms, she will ask questions about other aspects of their lives to help paint a bigger picture which can point to underlying conditions.

“In this society there is this mentality that ‘I’m looking for the magic pill’” in order to cure your symptoms quickly,” she notes. While acupuncture is not often a quick fix, it is a practice that can support long-term health and wellbeing.

Because of this, it’s hard to predict the number of sessions it would take for a patient to feel relief from their pain. Fine notes that patients can expect to book 6-12 sessions to possibly fully heal their ailment. This number depends on a few factors including age, physical conditions, and how long that condition has been occurring.

If a patient is afraid of needles or would prefer a different form of treatment, Complete Human Acupuncture offers other options including gua sha, cupping, herbal prescription, ear seeds, etc.

“It’s all about working together. If a patient is afraid of needles, we aren’t going to put 100 needles into them,” she says.

Fine has been practicing Chinese medicine for over a decade. It all started when she booked her own acupuncture appointment and fell in love. Soon after that, she signed up for Chinese medicine classes to learn more.

“I knew I wanted to go to school and study healthcare. But I didn’t like the options that were available until I found acupuncture and Chinese medicine,” she explains.

Fine began her journey studying Chinese medicine in 2010 at the Pacific College of Health and Sciences and graduated with a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2016.

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